Foam post-op dressing – Mepilex Surgical

The flexible absorbent all-in-one post-op dressing

Mepilex® Surgical is an advanced post-operative dressing designed to ensure effective protection of the surgical site, reducing post-op complications which influence costly hospital readmissions1

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Supports early patient mobilisation by being flexible and adhering gently2-5

Reduced dressing-related cost by minimising number of dressing changes2,3  

Helps reduce the risk of surgical site infection (SSI) by minimising the number of dressing changes and peri-wound skin damage, including blistering2-5 

How to use Mepilex Surgical

Mepilex Surgical is an all-in-one post-op dressing that very effecively absorbs and retains surgical exudate. It is intended for acute wounds, such as surgical wounds, cuts and abrasions. It is optimised for post-op use and blood absorption.

The flex-cut core gives high flexibility and very good conformability over joints, such knees or hips, promoting patient mobilisation2-5

Frequency of dressing change

Mepilex Surgical may be left in place for up to 7 days depending on the condition of the wound and the surrounding skin, or as indicated by accepted clinical practice.

Description (size cm)

Ref. No.
Pieces Per
10 x 20
10 x 25
10 x 30
10 x 35

*NHS Supply Chain

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