Avance Film with Safetac

Prevent unnecessary pain and skin trauma

As part of the Avance® NPWT system, this gentle adhesive film ensures minimised pain and offers time saving benefits.

Easy to apply and work with

Is possible to be re-positioned without loss of adhesion, which saves time and dressing wastage

Avance® NPWT system is less painful

Protect the peri-wound area against maceration1

Dressings with Safetac means less pain and trauma during dressing changes, with minimised risk of maceration and peri-wound blisters

Proven less skin stripping 2,3,4

A recent study compared Avance® Film with Safetacwith two other leading film dressings for NPWT (B, C) and a hydrocolloid dressing (A) to assess their potential for skin stripping. The dressings were applied to dyed skin test areas on 22 healthy volunteers, and removed four times over a 14-day period. Colour changes to the dye were measured using a chromameter at each removal as an indication of the amount of stratum corneum removed by each dressing. Skin areas treated with Avance film with Safetac showed the least change in colour, indicating it caused less skin stripping than the other products. Avance film with Safetac was also associated with fewer skin reactions.

Description (size cm)

Ref. No.
Pieces Per
Avance® Transparent Film 20x28cm

Avance® Film with Safetac® 20x27cm

  1. Meaume S et al. A study to compare a new self adherent soft silicone dressing with a self adherent polymer dressing in stage II pressure ulcers. Ostomy Wound Management 2003;49(9):44-51
  2. Dykes PJ et al. Effect of adhesive dressings on the stratum corneum of the skin. Journal of Wound Care 2001;10(2):7-10
  3. Zillmer R et al. Biophysical effects of repetitive removal of adhesive dressings on periulcer skin. Journal of Wound Care 2006;5 vol 15
  4. Data on file
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