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By : Mölnlycke Health Care, April 8 2014Posted in: Traditional learning

Education and development is vital to meet your organisational objectives however we understand it is difficult to acheive due to resource and time constraints. With Mölnlycke Health Care you can design your own 'Clinical Education Day' by choosing from our library of relavent clinical topics.

To support in your need for high quality education Mölnlycke will provide facilitation and venue support at your convenience. This allows for important clinical education to be planned in advance and delivered in a structured and controlled environment.

Topics include:

Pain and Infected Wounds

Learning objectives:

  1. Introduction to microbiology
  2. Identification and classification of wound pathogens
  3. Virulence strategies of bacteria
  4. How infection impacts on wound healing
  5. When is it appropriate to use an anti-microbial dressing

Pain and Psychological Stress

Learning objectives:

  1. Why is pain an issue in wound management
  2. How does pain affect wound healing
  3. What is the link between stress and delayed healing
  4. Showcase the evidence

Back to Basics

Learning objectives:

  1. Introduction to the skin
  2. Functions of the skin
  3. Process of wound healing
  4. What extrinsic and intrinsic factors affect wound healing

Wound Specific Training

Learning objectives:

  1. Introduction to Burns
  2. Management and Assessment of pressure ulcers
  3. Management of lower limb ulceration
  4. Skin tears and pre-tibial lacerations
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