Pressure Ulcer Prevention Pathway Webinar 2014

By : Mölnlycke Health Care, November 18 2014Posted in: Webinars

In support of this year’s Stop the Pressure Ulcer Day. Mölnlycke Health Care Ltd are proud to sponsor 2014 Pressure Ulcer Prevention Pathway Webinar.  

Chaired by Dr Joyce Black, The webinar delivers educational sessions by internationally recognised experts; Professors Amit Gefen and Nick Santamaria with recent scientific and clinical research.  The webinar focuses on how to put the findings into practice, essentially ‘Proof into practice’. 

It can often be challenging to change protocols and the webinar discusses the importance of involving various stakeholders to gain acceptance of evidence-based changes in clinical practice. This includes the latest research into the prophylactic effect of Mepilex® Border Heel.

Watch Professor Nick Santamaria discuss how Prevention is more cost effective than cure.



For the full webinar register and watch on demand here.

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