Warming Update webinar 2013: Next steps in patient warming

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Common side effects of surgical procedures can include perioperative hypothermia, and managing a patient’s core body temperature after the induction of anaesthesia can be a challenge.1 Today, preventive measures, such as preoperative patient warming and active warming during surgery, have demonstrated a good effect on avoiding inadvertent hypothermia.2

About the webinar

Warming Update 2013 was the second edition of Mölnlycke Health Care’s annual patient-warming webinar. The event was open to all anaesthesiologists, anaesthesiologist nurses, operating room (O.R.) managers, pre-op and post-op teams and anyone else with a keen interest in patient warming.

Warming Update 2013 aimed to deliver information on the latest research and views from leading anaesthesiologists on patient warming with a special focus on pre-warming. The event included interactive polls and a Q&A session that allowed the audience to take part and pose questions to some of the key opinion leaders in anaesthesiology.

The live event was hosted in Leuven, Belgium on 19 November 2013. 

Speakers at the event

Dr Andrea Kurz, M.D. Associate Director of Outcomes Research,  Cleveland Clinic, US

 Dr Elke Van Gerven, M.D., University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium


  1. Kurz A. Best practice Res Clin Anaesth 2008;22(1):39-62
  2. Just B, et al. Anesthesiology 1993;79:214-8
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