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Wound Academy, 13th Annual Scholarship Lunch

By: Mölnlycke Health Care, May 15 2014Posted in: Events news

This year's Wound Academy awards lunch was held at Vitners Hall, London on 2nd May and we are now delighted to share the winners with you. This prestigious event gave the opportunity to recognise and award some great developments in advanced wound care. Guests to the event included Dr David Foster, Deputy Director of Nursing for NHS England and several other key opinion leaders.

Novice Scholarship:

Helen Mountford RGN, Staff Nurse, Acorns Children’s Hospice, Walsall. Together with her manager Carmel Forrest and Dr David Foster to the right.

Helen and the team believe passionately that practitioners need to move away from the concept of palliative wound care as this may excuse poor outcomes.

Helen is aiming to ensure that all children have tissue viability considered as part their care, that staff are knowledgeable about tissue viability, and that there is a resource of information and equipment to support parents in pressure ulcer prevention and where necessary, management.

The Scholarship will help Helen to ensure that tissue viability is considered and integral to the holistic palliative care offered to all children using Acorns services.


Burns Category:

Kristina (Krissie) Stiles RGN, Karen Lambourne, Suzy Whiting, Eva Daníčková, the Burns Care Advisory Team London and South East of England Burn Network. Together with Dr David Foster to the right.

The Burns Care Advisory Team related the development of a specialist burn network, an amalgamation of four specialist burn services. Four Burn Care Advisors provide formal education and training to emergency departments to ensure a coordinated and consistent approach to emergency burn care, so that all patients have access to timely and specialist-guided treatment regardless of where they receive their care.

Pressure Category:

Carol Johnson, Tissue Viability Matron, Darlington memorial hospital. Joanne Parkinson to the right with Dr David Foster, collecting the award on Carol's behalf.

This entry outlined a study to determine if the prophylactic application of a five layer silicone dressing will reduce the incidence of Category 2 heel blisters in post operative acute trauma patients who undergo spinal anaesthesia. This study came about after a retrospective review of cases demonstrated patients were developing blistering to the heel of the affected limb within the first 24 hours post operatively, despite prevention strategies being in place.


Highly Commended:

Wendy Luke, Deputy Manager, Chester Court Care Home. To the right with Dr David Foster.

Wendy outlined a case study of a patient with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It showed how Wendy and the team had worked together to find a suitable dressing that would both maintain the seal on her ventilation mask, and allow treatment to be applied to the small pressure ulcer on her face.

Mepitel One as a primary dressing was used as it could be removed without pain or trauma. The wound healed, and the patient continue to use the dressing prophylactically.

Mölnlycke Health Care would like to say a big thank you to the judges, Trudie Young, Mark Collier, Julie Evans and Brenda King for their hard work and support, and also David Foster who continues to support the event with enthusiasm and a genuine interest in the work being presented.

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