150g Epaderm Cream

Handy, new ‘on-the-go’ 150g Epaderm Cream launched for people living with dry skin

June 23 2017

Milton Keynes, UK, Tuesday 25 April. Today, Mölnlycke launches a new 150g size Epaderm Cream in a handy-sized bottle with pump dispenser.Epaderm emollient is recommended by doctors for the treatment of a range of dry skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis.1 The new 150g bottle will provide people living with dry skin a convenient ‘on-the-go’ sized bottle to ensure their skin receives the best possible care at all times, despite busy lifestyles.

The way Britons choose to spend their leisure time is changing; it is estimated that the number of people holidaying abroad has increased by 20% over the last five years2 and live UK music events attracted more than 27m people in 2016; 3.7m of those at weekend festivals.3 NHS guidelines suggest that a 150g bottle is the perfect size for a week away for adults who suffer with eczema on both arms or both legs.4

“I am confident that this new size of Epaderm Cream will be a welcome addition for the many people throughout the UK who regularly use an emollient on a daily basis to manage their dry skin conditions and are looking for a convenient option to keep up their regime when they are out and about.” Said Barbara Page MBE, Dermatology Nurse Advisor and Chair of the Psychodermatology sub group of the British Dermatological Nursing Group (BDNG).  

Epaderm Cream is clinically proven to significantly improve skin hydration and smoothness after just two weeks, outperforming other leading emollient creams.5 Epaderm Cream is free from fragrance, colouring and sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS), making it ideal for new-borns to those in their advancing years and people with living with dry and sensitive skin.6,7

 “We specifically developed the new ‘on-the-go’ 150g Epaderm Cream to be able to offer people living with dry skin conditions a convenient choice for their holiday suitcase and becomes the bottle they choose to throw into their handbags, gym bags or their festival backpacks,” said Kieran Gormley, Epaderm Marketing Manager, Molnlycke.

The new Epaderm Cream 150g is currently available in Boots and Superdrug stores with a recommended retail price of £6.99. Epaderm Cream 50g and 500g and Epaderm Ointment in 125g, 500g and 1kg sizes, are available on prescription and also in most pharmacies throughout the UK.

Download our detailed infographic here.

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