New Mepilex Border 10 x 10.5cm

New Mepilex Border 10 x 10.5cm is now available for wound care management in the community

March 28 2017

Mölnlycke announce that a new size of Mepilex® Border (10 x 10.5cm) is now available to order on the latest updates of both the EMIS and VISION prescribing databases, providing primary care practitioners in the UK with access to the benefits of Mepilex Border in the community’s most widely used foam dressing size1.

The new dressing size is priced below other commonly used bordered silicone foam dressings, giving the community access to the original and leading1 choice of bordered silicone foam dressing at a price that allows the release of financial spend for other areas. Mölnlycke products help wounds heal, with minimal pain and low risk of complications2

Drug Tariff Prices 10 x10.5 bordered silicone foams

Fig. 1   Data taken from March 2017 UK Drug Tariff

Mölnlycke is committed to reducing the total treatment cost of wound care, aiming to improve access to high quality products for healthcare professionals and patients. Mölnlycke understand that delivering on patient, operational and financial outcomes is essential in the health economy. Coupled with educational support and bespoke training solutions, the advanced wound care portfolio aims to deliver the quality and clinical integrity needed to optimise formularies.

For further information on the Mepilex Border range and other dressings from Mölnlycke please contact Customer Services telephone: 0800 7311 876, email:  or visit


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