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Supporting well-dressed wounds and continuity of care with consistent dressing availability

By: Mölnlycke Health Care, March 6 2017Posted in: Product news

Mölnlycke understand that patient outcomes are paramount and managing financial targets are increasingly important for you and your health economy. We are pleased to announce that several Mölnlycke dressings are now available in new channels and at new prices. This supports continuity of care while helping reduce total treatment costs.

Recent changes to our range include:

Mölnlycke’s bordered silicone foam dressing with Safetac®.

  • Superior fluid handling supports fewer dressing changes1,2.
  • The Safetac seal helps minimise the risk of maceration3.
  • Clinically proven for treatment and prevention4,5.

New size available on Drug Tariff & NHS Supply Chain.

Size                     Art. No.        PIP Code         NHS SC Code

10 x 10.5 cm       295366         403-1753         ELA828

Mepitel One

Mölnlycke’s wound contact layer with one-sided Safetac®.

  • Highly transparent for undisturbed wound healing6.
  • One-sided silicone for easy application6.
  • Clinically proven 14-day wear time leads to fewer dressing changes7.

New sizes available on Drug Tariff, the full range is already available via NHS Supply Chain.

Size                            Art. No.           PIP Code      NHS SC Code

27.5 x 50cm               289750            403-1894        EKH076

9.5 x 150cm (Roll)     289800           403-1886        EKH077

Mölnlycke’s unique gelling fibre dressing.

  • Superior fluid retention helps reduce the risk of maceration8.
  • Unique non-woven material is strong and soft when wet9.
  • High wet tensile strength aids easy one-piece removal10.

Full range now available via NHS Supply Chain, the full range is already on Drug Tariff.

Size                             Art. No.          PIP Code         NHS SC Code

5 x 5cm                       603300            394-4337         ELY669

10 x 10cm                   603301            394-4345         ELY670

15 x 15cm                   603302            394-4352         ELY671

20 x 30cm                   603303            394-4360         ELY672

4.5 x 10cm                 603305            394-4378         ELY673

4.5 x 20cm                 603306            394-4386         ELY674

4.5 x 30cm                 603307            394-4402         ELY675

2 x 45cm                     603308            401-0005         ELY676


Please contact your local Mölnlycke representative or if you have any questions or would like to see samples.


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