Insertion sites

Insertion sites

Insertion sites refers to tubes and drains, or orthopaedic instruments (Hoffman), central line catheters and peripheral venous catheters.

Insertion sites

MepilexExudation Level: Medium

A foam dressing suitable for a wide range of wounds like venous leg ulcers,...

Mepilex LiteExudation Level: Low

A thin foam dressing for low-exuding acute and chronic wounds. With Safetac,...

Mepore Film

Mepore® Film is a transparent self-adhesive film dressing.

Mepore® Film & PadExudation Level: Low

Mepore® Film & Pad is a transparent self-adhesive absorbent film dressing....

Mepore IV

Mepore® IV is a transparent self-adhesive IV dressing ideal for fixation...