Pressure ulcer treatment and prevention

Evidence-based strategies for preventing pressure ulcers

Pressure Ulcers are a painful and debilitating affliction to patients and represent a significant cost budren to the NHS.

Approximatley 412,000 individuals will develop a pressure ulcer annually1 in the UK costing the NHS between £1.4bn - £2.1bn - 4% of total NHS expenditure1

As recognised by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) savings to the NHS could be made by reducing the number of people who develop pressure ulcers, as treating them involves a longer and more costly hospital stay2. The cost of treating pressure ulcers is 3.6 times the cost of preventing them3

The Mölnlycke Prevention Programme; a combination of proven interventions, education and specialist support enhances your current protocols by minimising high-risk extrinsic factors4,5

Recommended interventions: Mepilex Border Sacrum, Mepilex Border and Mölnlycke Z-FloTM Fluidised positioner

Not just skin deep

High-risk extrinsic factors leading to pressure ulcers...


We enhance your current prevention protocol with the right combination of interventions, delivering continous protection for your patients' most high-risk areas: the sacrum, heel and head. Portable...

Advance performance

What are you looking to achieve? Perhaps you’d like to improve patient throughput and free up resources. Maybe it’s about boosting quality of care, or even raising your hospital’s reputation....



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