Pressure ulcer prevention and treatment

Pressure Ulcer app: A guide to proven prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers

Mölnlycke Health Care introduces a Pressure Ulcer Treatment and Prevention Guide App for clinicians. It features comprehensive education on how to prevent and treat pressure ulcers.

We understand the pressure clinicians face when it comes to the prevention and management of pressure ulcers. With the pressure to save where typical treatment costs range from £1,214 (Category 1 ulcer) up to £14,108 (Category 4)1. Pressure ulcers cost the NHS upwards of £1.4 billion a year- that’s about 4% of its total expenditure.  The prevention of pressure ulcers costs at least three times less than treatment1.Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment app on iphone available from the app store

Now you have the clinical evidence at your finger tips to act as a guide when treating and preventing pressure ulcers.  Backed by randomised controlled trials2, and advised by EPUAP guidelines3, Mepilex® Border Sacrum is the only dressing to show a significant reduction in pressure ulcers when added as part of your prevention protocol4.

Download the app to find out more:

  • How Mepilex Border Sacrum’s unique 5 layers help reduce risk of pressure ulcers
  • Tips on how to apply Mepilex Border Sacrum, Mepilex Border heel and Mepilex Border Flex
  • What the international guidelines recommend
  • How to combat the four extrinsic factors of pressure ulcers such as shear, friction, microclimate and pressure
  • Guidance on how to treat pressure ulcers for the sacrum, heel, in the operating theatre and prevention of medical device related pressure ulcers


Download our Pressure Ulcer Treatment and Prevention Guide.


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