For well-dressed wounds

The burden of wounds

4.5% of the adult population in the UK has a wound, and 2.2 million wound care patients are managed by the NHS.1

Chronic wounds cost the NHS £4.5-5.1 billion every year, comparable to the cost of managing obesity.1

On a local level for a patient base of around 200,000, this means a formulary spend of nearly £1.4m.2

This figure is set to rise along with life expectancy and the prevelance of chronic conditions such as diabetes.

The financial burden of wound care is significant and set to increase.1 Mölnlycke Health Care's wound care range helps you manage this burden by achieving best outcomes, at a lower total treatment cost than other brands.3 Our products outperform in fluid management, pain management, wear times and total wound care cost, and are supported by over 400 peer reviewed papers and RCTs. And that means we can offer something even more important: the reassurance of knowing you're in safe hands.

With our revised prices, you can offer more patients a quality range of wound care products, whilst continuing to manage cost pressures. As a result of the price changes new product codes have been created which can be found here.

Mölnlycke Health Care. For well-dressed wounds.

The true cost of wound care

Well-dressed, on a budget. Learn the true cost of wound care and how a premium quality range can minimise complications but answer your concerns about acquisition costs too....


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