<p>Operating Theatre Efficiency</p>

Operating Theatre Efficiency

Truly customised Mölnlycke procedure trays

Every surgical intervention has specific requirements, which are constantly being reviewed and updated. Mölnlycke® procedure trays are tailored specifically for the needs of theatre staff. Having the right tools at the right time, all in one convenient package, optimises operating theatre efficiency, enabling hospitals to care for more patients and offer a better quality of care.

A generic tray solution is not enough; the tray compilation process is of the utmost importance in achieving optimal efficiency. Every individually customised tray needs to contain the right components of the appropriate quality and in the correct quantity.

Calculate your potential savings in time and reduction in packaging waste by using the Mölnlycke® procedure trays value calculator.

Customised trays - maximise operating theatre efficiency

From a procurement standpoint, a standard or generic tray may be perceived as an easier solution to buy and manage. Digging into this assumption, though, data show that Mölnlycke procedure trays help reduce both complexity and costs, save time and deliver maximum efficiency for best cost-in-use. Theatre staff also prefer the simplicity, convenience and efficiency offered by a single customised tray.

The fully customised Mölnlycke procedure tray solution offers benefits that together contribute significantly to overall operating theatre efficiency.

  • Maximum time savings – the more components included in a single tray, the more time is saved across the entire process, from ordering to waste removal, allowing treating more patients to better care.
  • Package waste reduction –Reducing the number of single-packed components through one single pack per procedure can dramatically reduce waste, making for a lighter environmental footprint.
  • No component wastage – as all components are used in a single customised tray, no components are wasted, providing more efficient and cost-effective component handling.
  • Control of own stock – limiting the number of stakeholders involved can provide insight and improve your ability to forecast more precisely, maximising ownership of the process.
  • Faster tray changes – having your customised tray enables faster tray changes as you own the tray specification.

Data supporting benefits of customised procedure trays

The data from multiple studies back up these assertions. To learn more, please download:


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