Operating Theatre Efficiency

Lean approach leads to 17% increase in number of procedures

A combination of lean thinking and acting, including splitting two existing Mölnlycke® Procedure trays into four completely new trays, enabling full tray optimisation, and colour coding for easier stock management, helped Coxa Hospital in Finland boost its efficiency. Coxa increased the number of procedures performed by 17 percent and incorporated lean processes into its daily work. The work Coxa performed to streamline its processes and optimise its trays led to creating more valuable, relevant procedure trays. Modifying two existing trays went beyond customisation; the four resulting trays were entirely new versions of primary operation and revision procedure trays. Adding just the right components to the newly split procedure-specific trays meant results tailored precisely to Coxa’s specific needs.

Key benefits

  • The disinfection and sterilisation board can concentrate on its main tasks and perform instrument set preparation as an extra responsibility
  • Nurses’ stress is lowered
  • Patient safety and satisfaction has increased
  • Freed-up working space leads to time savings
  • The hospital enjoys a heightened reputation as a best practice model and effectual concept

Adopting a lean approach, Coxa recognised that innovation and improvement is ongoing. The improvements already made at Coxa have led to reduced staff stress, improved patient safety and satisfaction, better organised working space that leads to time savings and an overall lift in the hospital’s reputation as a model of best practices.

Tarmo Martikainen, CEO Coxa Hostpial, Finland“In a hospital highly dependent on its O.R.s, everything is related to time: duration of the operation, planning procedures, time needed for changeover. We also observed that logistics and material handling play a crucial role in efficient time management.”

Tarmo Martikainen, CEO

Tanja Heikillä, O.R. Nurse Coxa Hospital, Finland“We were satisfied with previous ProcedurePak surgical trays. Still Mölnlycke Health Care picked up on our O.R. development project and spontaneously proposed to review the trays and add a colour coding system.”

Tanja Heikillä, O.R. Nurse

Eeva Nieminen, Head Nurse Coxa Hospital, Finland“The numerous variations of instruments and materials in our field of specialisation require meticulous organisation. Mölnlycke Health Care acts as a true partner in this process.”

Eeva Nieminen, Head Nurse

To learn more about how Coxa improved its efficiency and continually works to enhance its lean progress, please download the full Coxa Hospital case study

You can also take a look at the video to get a more in-depth understanding of Coxa Hospital and Mölnlycke Health Care’s processes and achievements.


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