<p>PakCheck, your quarterly review</p>

PakCheck, your quarterly review

PakCheck, your quarterly review

As part of our commitment to you we are keen to provide continual improvements and offer the best possible service we can. To ensure ongoing tray efficiency and accurate forecasting, every ProcedurePak customer is entitled to a PakCheck every 3 months with a dedicated member of the team.

Following a survey of some key customers1, the results identified that PakCheck can facilitate an increase in potential cost savings, time savings and a reduction in waste.

47% continue to reduce waste in their ProcedurePak trays

37% are more efficient and save time

47% see cost savings as a result of PakCheck

What our customers said....

"Highlighting items at our PakCheck that we don't need has reduced waste and made cost savings"

(Stacey Morton, Supplies Manager, Kettering Hospital)


"We are more on the ball, we make appointments all the time and know that we can really rely on our Account Manager to come and see us if there are any problems"

(Sigurd Vandendreissche, Senior Charge Nurse, Cheltenham General Hospital)

                  customer benefits of PakCheck

A full PakCheck Review includes…

           A full PakCheck Review includes...


1. Customer Reference Survey, April 2011

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