Universal drapes and sets

Superior infection control for all surgical procedures

Bacteria that are spread to the surgical wound from patients' skin cause a large number of postoperative wound infections. The role of patient drapes is to block this transfer. BARRIER® universal drapes from Mölnlycke Health Care provide superior infection control.

Our universal drapes and sets are easy-to-use, flexible and can be adjusted to meet most surgical needs. Through our zone draping system BARRIER, drapes offer enhanced performance in the critical area through a special reinforcement material that adds strength and fluid control.

BARRIER universal drapes and sets are available with BARRIER Flex

Universal drapes and sets

Aperture drapes

The BARRIER® assortment offers aperture drapes in many different sizes,...

Split sheet drapes

BARRIER® impermeable split sheets are available in a wide range of sizes...

Universal drapes and sets

BARRIER® universal drapes from Mölnlycke Health Care are easy-to-use draping...

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