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Mepilex Border Comfort with proprietary Flex Technology

Improved stay-on-ability and conformability for longer wear time

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Outperformed 6 other international wound dressing brands  some by as much as 265%  

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Bacteria trapping in action

Absorb, channel and trap exudate containing bacteria – even under pressure

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Changing patients' lives

Diane has had an unstageable pressure ulcer since August 2016. Daily dressing changes were conducted requiring two members of District Nursing Team with a range of dressings including primary, secondary and negative wound pressure therapy. Hear how Mepilex Border Comfort has provided better adhesion, conformability to the wound and reduced dressing changes.

 This has:

  • improved quality of life for the patient,
  • enabled a reduction in the cost of consumables
  • encouraged efficient use of staffing resource.


How it works
  • Unique conformability and flexibility  
  • Superior exudate management    
  • Absorbs, channels and traps bacteria  
  • Exudate Progress Monitor - track exudate spread
  • Safetac® for less pain, less trauma



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