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with Hydrolock technology


Leakage, maceration, and residue are key challenges for gelling fibre dressings  which impact healing, cause anxiety and pain for the patient, and take up nurse time.

Hydrolock® Technology gives Exufiber® superior* ability to lock in exudate    and reduce the risk of leakage and maceration   

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The story behind Hydrolock® Technology

The fibres in Hydrolock Technology are interwoven in such a way that the exudate has less space to circulate freely and is locked in to the dressing. This gives Exufiber® its unique ‘lock-in’ properties and high ‘dressing integrity’.

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Simplifying dressing choices

Exufiber is intended to be used on a wide range of exuding wounds:

  1. Pressure ulcer 
  2. Surgical wound
  3. Diabetic foot ulcer
  4. Venous leg ulcer

 as well as on partial thickness burns, donor sites and malignant wounds.

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Exufiber® with Mepilex® Border Flex

Mepilex Border Flex combines innovative Flex Technology with our proven Safetac® Technology to create a secondary dressing that stays on and is uniquely conformable. Using Exufiber and Mepilex Border Flex together delivers the benefits of both dressings and promotes an undisturbed healing environment for the wound.

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Cost-effective wound care
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Wound care makes up a significant portion of healthcare budgets. Only 14% of the overall cost is due to wound care products – the majority is driven by the provision of care for patients  . Management of leakage, residue and maceration requires nurse time and resources. By locking in exudate and staying intact for one-piece removal   , Exufiber® with Hydrolock® Technology can support undisturbed healing as well as a reduction in costs.

Discover how Exufiber® can make a difference to your patients, team and budget.

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Gelling fibre dressing with Hydrolock® Technology for advanced fluid retention for a wide range of exuding wounds

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