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When to use Exufiber®

Exufiber can be used for many types of exuding wounds, such as leg and foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, partial-thickness burns, surgical wounds, donor sites and malignant wounds.

How to use Exufiber

See these easy-to-follow instructions for using Exufiber.

Product details

Product code   Pip -Code NHSSC E-Direct
709900 5x5cm 394-4337 ELY818
709901 10x10cm 394-4345 ELY819
709903 15x15cm 394-4352 ELY820
709905 4.5x10cm 394-4402 ELY821
709906 4.5x20cm 394-4386 ELY822
709907 4.5x30cm 394-4378 ELY823
709904 20x30cm 394-4360 ELY824
709909 2x45cm 401-0005 ELY825
709908 1x45cm 413-0464 ELY826

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