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The survey looked at surgeons' opinions relating to the risk of needlestick injuries in the operating room, and the role of high-quality surgical gloves in improving patient and clinician safety.

Needlestick (and sharps) injuries occur when a needle or other sharp instrument accidentally penetrates the skin. It can result in increased exposure to Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV and other blood-borne viruses  . Perhaps because of the cost, time and stress involved in investigating such injuries, under-reporting of sharps injuries to occupational health departments is well established.

The survey of 510 surgeons from the UK, US, Germany, Australia, Japan and Sweden was conducted by the leading global social network for doctors, SERMO.

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We must double up on protecting our clinicians

Consultant Breast Surgeon Nathan Coombs outlines where double gloving should be considered and the peace of mind it can bring to staff in the operating theatre. 

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Clinician safety

The SERMO survey revealed that 93% of UK surgeons believe that high quality gloves reduce the chance of exposure to blood-borne viruses.  In addition, 92% of UK surgeons agreed that high quality gloves improve the safety of clinicians in the operating theatre, and affect their sense of being protected from needlestick injuries

Patient safety
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The survey found that UK surgeons see a clear link between high-quality gloves and patient safety. 89% of UK surgeons believe that high-quality gloves impact overall patient outcomes, with 90% agreeing that high-quality gloves improve patient safety in the operating theatre.

On the topic of surgical site infections (SSIs), 77% state that glove failure increases the risk of SSIs.

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Learn more about the importance of double gloving for your complete protection.

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