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Exudate Handling

Mepilex Surgical offers optimal post-surgical fluid handling with a unique five-layer design that effectively absorbs, distributes and retains exudate or blood.

  • Supports early patient mobilisation  

    Unique flex-cut pad stretches in all directions, conforming to the body even as it moves

  • Clinically shown to minimize dressing-related skin damage and pain   

    Safetac interface adheres gently, maintaining skin integrity

  • Supports longer wear times and low frequency of dressing changes   

    Shower-proof seal and bacteria barrier (microbes larger than 25 nm)
    Ultra-absorbent material absorbs more than any other current leading surgical dressing on the market
    Transparent border allows inspection of peri-wound skin without removing the dressing

Pain Management

Wound pain at dressing change is known to be a devastating part living with a chronic wound  . For acute wounds, such as surgical wounds, the number of dressing changes are fewer however, despite this, pain at dressing change should be addressed . Consensus   has been reached on the key principles on how to minimise pain at dressing related procedures:

  • Assume all wounds are painful
  • Always assess pain
  • Select a dressing that is atraumatic

Safetac® is a unique adhesive interface that minimises pain to patients and trauma to wounds. Dressings with Safetac hurt less because it:

  1. Tacks gently to dry surfaces, like skin, but not to moist surfaces, such as open wounds  
  2. Moulds to the skin's pores, covering more skin surface and spreading peel forces on removal to prevent skin stripping  
  3. Seals the wound margins, minimising the spread of exudates and the risk of maceration


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