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Infection control with single use

Single-use surgical solutions can support infection control – while there is no guarantee that reusable solutions are fresh and hygienic.

Barrier othopaedic hip drape

Multiple-patient-use (reusable) drapes and gowns provide no guarantee of consistent quality in terms of infection prevention and control management; with a 2001 study showing that 56% were found to have faults that could  negatively impact on functionality   .

Furthermore within the same study, only 20% of the drapes tested proved to be impermeable to bacteria  . Does that sound like a product you can trust?

BARRIER® single use surgical drapes and surgical gowns can help provide effective protection, consistent quality and patient safety.

  • Effective protection: New every time for each use with no repair patches added to products
  • Quality standards: Consistent quality and fully tested in accordance with EN13795
  • Patient safety: Helping to manage the risk of surgical site infections


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