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Developed for safety and infection control

Reduce the risk of surgical site infections with BARRIER® - single-use surgical drapes.

BARRIER drapes help to prevent microorganisms moving from the patient’s skin in surgical procedures. Impermeable materials act as a barrier to infection, while effective fluid control allows for a drier working area.

With our extensive range of products, you can adapt your draping when processes and procedures change. We can also support you with expert training, support and logistics - creating a ripple effect of savings in time, effort and costs.

Reduce the risk of infection during surgery with procedure-specific drapes and sets
Barrier orthopaedic drape for knee surgery

BARRIER® drapes are quick and easy to use thanks to their smart folding and self-explanatory instructions. Many of our procedure-specific drapes have all-in-one designs - fewer parts and fewer steps reduce the risk of contamination. You’ll also find a range of integrated features, such as pouches, cord holders and elasticized apertures.

For even better fit, some of our BARRIER speciality drapes and sets are available with BARRIER Flex - stretchable and comformable adhesive edges.

Protect patients efficiently with our flexible universal range
barrier universal drapes neck molnlycke

Our universal drapes and sets are easy-to-use, flexible and you can adjust them to suit most surgical procedures. The zone draping system offers enhanced performance in the critical area through a special reinforcement material that adds strength and fluid control.

For even better fit, some of our BARRIER® universal drapes and sets are available with BARRIER Flex – stretchable, comformable adhesive edges.

Support your infection control procedures with our supplementary drapes
table cover for supplementary drapes

When you’re preparing for surgery, it can be difficult to keep equipment, such as microscopes, probes, cameras and C-arms, sterile. Our single-use equipment drapes, table covers, and pouches provide efficient infection control without compromising the use of equipment.



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