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When to use Exufiber Ag+

Exufiber Ag+ is intended to be used on medium to highly-exuding wounds. It's suitable for leg and foot ulcers, including diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, surgical wounds, donor sites, partial thickness burns, malignant wounds and dermal lesions. Exufiber Ag+ may be used under compression.

How to use Exufiber Ag+



Hydrolock technology

Superior fluid retention

Exufiber Ag+ with Hydrolock® technology is designed for highly-exuding wounds. Exufiber Ag+ is made of a different synthetic material than conventional fibre dressings  . Hydrolock technology packs the dressing fibres tightly, leaving less space for fluid to flow freely. This enables superior fluid retention – compared to other gelling fibre dressings – and reduces the risk of leakage, protecting skin against maceration.


Product details

Product code Size cm Pip -Code NHSSC E-Direct
603401 5x5cm 414-3418 ELY846
603402 10x10cm 414-3426 ELY847
603403 15x15cm 414-3434 ELY830
603404 4.5x10cm 414-3442 ELY832
603405 4.5x20cm 414-3459 ELY833
603406 4.5x30cm 414-3467 ELY834
603407 20x30cm 414-3475 ELY831
603400 2x45cm 414-3400 ELY849
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Now available on the New NHS National Services Scotland framework. Order now through NDC and GP10 prescription.



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