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Scar care dressing


Self-adherent dressing for scar management with Safetac®

Mepiform® is designed to manage and prevent the formation of old and new hypertrophic scars and keloids over time. The Safetac layer minimises pain and trauma at dressing changes. It is made from silicone, which is proven to have a positive impact on hypertrophic scars and keloids         .

If you’re using it for prevention, your patients should wear it for between two and six months, depending on the condition of the scar. Ideally it should be worn for 24 hours a day, except when showering or bathing.

  • Self-adherent scar care dressing with soft silicone
  • Safetac layer for less trauma and less pain for patients  - 
  • May be lifted, adjusted, and left in place for several days
  • Thin, flexible and discreet so you can wear it during daily activities

Further product information

How to use Mepiform

Watch how to apply a Mepiform dressing.

How to use Mepiform - step by step

Product details

Ref.No. Description Pieces Per Inner NPC Code PIP Code
293250 Mepiform 5 x 7 5 ELY200 332-7335
293450 Mepiform 9 x 18 5 ELY201 332-7343
293150 Mepiform 4 x 31 5 ELY199 332-7343

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