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Cochrane review result chart
Adapted from Tanner et al 2006


10 studies in the Tanner review could be systematically reviewed for perforation rates in single versus double-gloving and demonstrated double-gloving was significantly more efficient in preventing perforations in the inner glove: 11% of single gloves perforated; 3% of undergloves perforated with double-gloving.   
Significantly more punctures were detected with Biogel Puncture Indication System gloves.  

Mischke et al also demonstrated that double-gloving significantly reduced the risk for innerglove perforation.  There was no significant difference in outer glove perforations between single- and double-gloving, indicating that there is no loss of dexterity with double gloves.   

The evidence from these two systematic reviews confirms that double-gloving provides better protection against blood contamination and inner glove perforations.   



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