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Double gloving with puncture indication for extra safety

The key to maximum safety is making sure that punctures in surgical gloves can be detected as rapidly as possible.

graphical illustration of puncture indication
Mölnlycke Biogel gloves with puncture indication system

The Biogel® Indicator® System's puncture indications are clear, fast and large  – all important factors for immediate puncture detection and a clear path to safety and reduced risk of infection.

  • A 2014 Cochrane Review concludes that double gloving reduces the risk of an inner-glove perforation by 71% compared to single gloving  
  • A study by Laine and colleagues conclude that indicator gloves substantially increase the detection for glove perforations during operation. Indicator gloves detect approximately 90% of the perforations, while standard double gloves and single gloves only detect 36% and 23% of the punctures respectively .
  • Biogel Indicator System detects up to 97% of punctures  
Protection you can see

The Biogel Indicator System is unique in that it offers vividly visible puncture detection in three proven ways:  

  • Clear– The colour of the inner glove is selected based on colour physics, maximising the sensitivity of the human eye
  • Fast  – The gloves are designed to make a puncture visible as fast as possible and to ensure that the regions of indication grow quickly
  • Large   – The Biogel puncture indication is large and visible from a distance

The Biogel PI Micro Indicator system gives significantly clearer indication than other synthetic double-gloving combinations, making punctures visible as fast as possible .


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