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Product details

Art. no ciNPT
8881020 Avance Solo set (10cm x 20cm)
8881030 Avance Solo set (10cm x 30cm)
8881035 Avance Solo set (10cm x 35cm)
881020 10cm x 20cm dressing
881030 10cm x 30cm dressing
881035 10cm x 35cm dressing

Art. no dNPWT
8880050 Pump and canister set
880050 Replacement canisters
881515 15cm x 15cm dressing
881520 15cm x 20cm dressing
881530 15cm x 30cm dressing
882020 20cm x 20cm dressing
882525 25cm x 25cm dressing
882000 Foam wound filler

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