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How to use BARRIER® surgical gowns

Watch our donning guide.


Product details

Ref. No. Description Case Qty NPC Code
  Standard Performance    
650101 Classic SP Gown, M 40 BWK468
650102 Classic SP Gown, L 40  BWK265
650104 Classic SP Gown , L-L 40 BWK266
650108 Classic SP Gown, XL 36 BWK478
650110 Classic SP Gown, XL 36  BWK268
650114 Classic SP Gown, XXL-L 36 BWK278
650113 Classic SP Gown, XXL-XL 32  BWK585
  High Performance    
660101 Classic HP Gown, L 36 BWK269
660102 Classic HP Gown, L-L 36 BWK270
660105 Classic HP Gown, XL 32 BWK471
660106 Classic HP Gown, XL-L 32 BWK272
660111 Classic HP Gown, XXL-L 32 BWK274
660110 Classic HP Gown, XXL-XL 32 BWK273


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