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Surgical gowns

BARRIER surgical gown Classic

Soft, breathable comfort and ease of movement in the OR 

BARRIER® surgical gowns Classic are designed to protect you during most procedures. BARRIER surgical gown Classic is made from a soft and breathable spunlace material for extra comfort.

It’s ergonomic too. Shoulder pleats allow you to move freely during surgery. Forward-facing, long sleeves are designed to fit your natural working position and reduce the risk of glove sliding.

Choose our high performance Classic gown with impermeable front and sleeves for added protection against strike-through.


  • Ergonomic design enables ease of movement and adapts to most procedures 
  • Soft, breathable spunlace material is comfortable to wear 
  • Specially treated to repel low-tension surface fluids   
  • Available in Standard or – for added protection against strike- through – High Performance 
  • Our gowns can be included in Mölnlycke® Procedure Trays to support OR efficiency    

Further product information

How to use BARRIER® surgical gowns

Watch our donning guide.

Product details

Ref. No. Description Case Qty NPC Code
  Standard Performance    
650101 Classic SP Gown, M 40 BWK468
650102 Classic SP Gown, L 40  BWK265
650104 Classic SP Gown , L-L 40 BWK266
650108 Classic SP Gown, XL 36 BWK478
650110 Classic SP Gown, XL 36  BWK268
650114 Classic SP Gown, XXL-L 36 BWK278
650113 Classic SP Gown, XXL-XL 32  BWK585
  High Performance    
660101 Classic HP Gown, L 36 BWK269
660102 Classic HP Gown, L-L 36 BWK270
660105 Classic HP Gown, XL 32 BWK471
660106 Classic HP Gown, XL-L 32 BWK272
660111 Classic HP Gown, XXL-L 32 BWK274
660110 Classic HP Gown, XXL-XL 32 BWK273


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