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When to use Mepitel Film

Mepitel Film is designed to protect fragile and sensitive skin and minimise risk of skin breakdown. It can be used as a secondary dressing, fixating e.g. gauze or non-woven swabs, or as a landing zone for aggressive tapes to secure devices to skin. It can be used as a secondary protective dressing over IV sites when the IV device is secured through adhesive tape or sutures.

How to use Mepitel Film

Product details

Ref. No. Description Pieces Per Inner NPC Code PIP code
296800 Mepitel film 6.5 × 7 cm 10 EIJ084 373-4159
296500 Mepitel film 10.5 × 12 cm 10 EIJ085 373-4167
296700 Mepitel film 10.5 × 25 cm 10 EIJ086 373-4175
296900 Mepitel film 15.5 × 20 cm 10 EIJ087 373-4183


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