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Atramautic wound contact layer


Gentle two-sided wound contact layer – minimise pain for your patients

Mepitel® is a gentle two-sided wound contact layer with Safetac® – the original atraumatic contact layer proven to minimise patient pain at dressing changes  . It's designed to conform softly to skin without sticking to the moist wound  – so you can remove it easily without damaging the skin . That means less pain for your patients .

Safetac also protects new tissue and intact skin – so wounds remain undisturbed to support faster natural healing       . Plus, Safetac seals the wound margins to protect skin from damaging leaks and maceration     .

The perforated design lets exudate pass through to a secondary absorbent dressing and you can leave it in place, delivering topical treatments with ease. Fluid handling and gentle adhesion reduces the need for frequent primary dressing changes and allows secondary dressing changes without disturbing healing. 

  • True undisturbed healing – it can remain in place for up to 14 days  
  • Mepitel is clinically proven to heal scalds faster and with less pain and cost, compared to silver sulfadiazine   
  • Doesn’t leave residues and helps support optimal wound healing 



Further product information

When to use Mepitel

Mepitel with Safetac protects the wound and the skin. It’s designed and clinically proven for use in treating a wide range of wounds such as skin tears, skin abrasions, sutured wounds, partial thickness burns, lacerations, partial and full thickness grafts, diabetic ulcers, venous and arterial ulcers. Mepitel can also be used as a protective layer on non-exuding wounds, blisters, fragile skin and exposed fragile tissues.

The open structure of Mepitel allows, where clinically indicated, topical treatments to pass through onto the wound.

You can use Mepitel together with Mesorb®; or for highly exuding wounds, with Mextra® Superabsorbent; with Tubifast® fixation or under compression bandages. Mepitel can also be used in conjunction with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT).

How to use Mepitel

Watch how to apply a Mepitel dressing.

Product details

Ref. No. Description Pieces Per Inner NPC Code PIP Code
290500 Mepitel 5 x 7 cm 5 EKH002 303-8932
290700 Mepitel 8 x 10 cm 5 EKH003 303-8940
291000 Mepitel 12 x 15 cm 5 EKH005 303-8957
292030 Mepitel 20 x 32 cm 5 EKH021 332-7285


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