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Wound care dressings


A breathable, absorbent dressing for low to moderately exuding wounds

Mepore ® is a breathable, absorbent, self-adhesive dressing for a wide variety of wounds with low to moderate exudate levels – such as surgical wounds, cuts, and abrasions. The dressing fixes gently and securely to the skin with a skin-friendly, water-based adhesive, and it’s air permeable to prevent maceration of the wound.

  • Water-based, solvent-free adhesive provides gentle fixation
  • Wound contact layer is low-adherent 
  • Breathable to prevent maceration and help maintain a moist wound environment
  • Easy-to-remove protection paper is also aseptic
  • Fabric is conformable and flexible to allow body movement

Further product information

When to use Mepore

Mepore can be used with a wide variety of low to moderately exuding wounds, such as surgical wounds, cuts and abrasions.

How to apply Mepore

Product details

Ref. No. Description Pieces Per Inner NPC Code PIP Code
670700 Mepore 7 x 8 cm 55 - 284-2359
671500 Mepore 10 x 11 cm 40  284-2367
671600 Mepore 11 x 15 cm 40  284-2375
670800 Mepore 6 x 7 cm 60  EIJ500
670900 Mepore 9 x 10 cm 50  EIJ133
671000 Mepore 9 x 15 cm 50  EIJ000
671100 Mepore 9 x 20 cm 30  EIJ137 092-5305
671200 Mepore 9 x 25 cm 30  EIJ139 092-5347
671300 Mepore 9 x 30 cm 30  EIJ141 092-5354
671400 Mepore 9 x 35 cm 30  EIJ143 092-5396

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