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Speciality drapes

BARRIER angiography drapes

Specially designed for endovascular procedures

a surgeon using a BARRIER angiography drape for an operation
BARRIER angiography drape

BARRIER® drapes for angiography surgery are designed to provide efficient infection control.

The drapes are easy to use and feature a transparent side panel so you can see the instruments that you’re using.

They are made of an absorbent impermeable material – to help maintain a dry working area and protect the patient.

Our angiography drapes include drapes developed specifically for femoral use or for radial use.

  • Transparent side panels to enable efficient instrument handling
  • Folded and packaged for easy, aseptic application by one person
  • Impermeable material to prevent strikethrough and help protect against infection

  • Our drapes can be included in Mölnlycke® Procedure Trays to support operating room efficiency

Further product information

When to use BARRIER angiography drapes

• Brachial angiography
• Radial angiography
• Femoral angiography, adult, paediatric and neonatal
• Hybrid O.R. interventions
• Pacemaker defibrillator insertion

How to use BARRIER hybrid cardiovascular drapes

Watch how to use BARRIER hybrid cardiovascular drapes.

Product details

Ref. No. Size cm Pieces in Disp/Trp Box NPC Code
828300 Angiography Drape 9/18  -

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