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Synthetic accelerator free surgical glove

Biogel NeoDerm

Polychloroprene (non-latex) glove to avoid skin reactions due to chemical accelerators

Biogel® NeoDerm® synthetic polychloroprene surgical gloves offer extra protection for you and your patients – reducing the risk of allergic reactions due to chemical accelerators and to natural rubber latex.

We’ve manufactured our Biogel NeoDerm powder-free surgical gloves without commonly known chemical accelerators – such as thiurams, mercaptobenzothiazoles, diphenylthiourea, diphenyl guanidine or dithiocarbamates.

What level of protection can you expect? A clinical study of 25 pre-diagnosed Type IV allergy participants found no reactions when using Biogel NeoDerm .

  • Manufactured without commonly known chemical accelerators for less risk of allergic reactions.
  • Every glove (100%) is air-inflation tested for holes and visually inspected for quality before dispatch  
  • A clinical study shows non-Biogel gloves are 3.5 times more likely to fail than Biogel gloves  
  • Industry-leading AQL result of 0.65 – reduced chance of a hole  
  • Biogel gloves are easy to put on, use and remove, and conform to the hand like a second skin

Further product information

How to use Biogel NeoDerm

Watch these helpful videos on the correct techniques for donning double-gloves. You can see the different donning methods for using open donning, or closed donning – either with cuffs extended over hands, or cuffs in the hands. You can also learn how to change a contaminated glove while scrubbed.

Assisted technique and how to change a contaminated glove

See detailed instructions for how to perform assisted donning with double-gloves, using the simple plunge method. This video also shows how to change a contaminated glove while you’re still scrubbed.

Product details

Ref. Code Description Case Qty NPC Code
42955 Biogel NeoDerm 5.5 200  FTE1154
42960 Biogel NeoDerm 6.0 200 FTE1155
42965 Biogel NeoDerm 6.5 200 FTE1156
42970 Biogel NeoDerm 7.0 200 FTE1157
42975 Biogel NeoDerm 7.5 200 FTE1158
42980 Biogel NeoDerm 8.0 200 FTE1159
42985 Biogel NeoDerm 8.5 200 FTE1160
42990 Biogel NeoDerm 9.0 160 FTE1161

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