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Orthopaedic solutions

Mölnlycke Pulsed Lavage

Our single-use high pressure Mölnlycke® Pulsed Lavage system effectively cleans bone and removes debris during total joint procedures, potentially increasing cement penetration into the cancellous bone for strenghtening implant fixation and reduced revision rates. 

Two-speed high-pressure Mölnlycke® Pulsed Lavage System AC and battery-driven versions
Two-speed high-pressure Mölnlycke Pulsed Lavage System

Two models: AC reusable power and battery operated

1. AC adapter: an environmentally-friendly version that eliminates the need for alkaline batteries. Single-use handpiece and re-usable AC adapter. 

2. Built-in battery: a flexible and mobile version with battery pack integrated into the handpiece, for quick and easy battery removal.

All included means no hidden costs

  • Cleaning rod for solving potential occlusion in the femoral tip
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handpiece
  • Short fan spray tip with splash shield
  • Long femoral canal tip
  • Integrated suction and irrigation

Single packed or included in Mölnlycke procedure trays*

  • Include Pulsed Lavage in your customised procedure-specific tray for efficiency gains
  • Also available as a single packed option


 *AC version available in trays. Built in battery version available in trays soon.

Further product information

How to use Mölnlycke Pulsed Lavage

Watch Mölnlycke Pulsed Lavage in use.


Product details

Ref. no. Description
 9750000 Pulsed Lavage System, AC Power
 9750001 Pulsed Lavage System, Built-in Battery
9751000  Coaxial Canal Brush Tip*
9751001 Cone tip 30 mm
9751002 Coaxial Canal tip
9752020 AC Power Supply (AC100~240V), UK

*Coaxial canal brush tip is available – either as sterile single packed or included in your customised tray. 

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