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Product details

Product details

Ref. no. Description
 9750000 Pulsed Lavage System, AC Power
 9750001 Pulsed Lavage System, Built-in Battery
9751000  Coaxial Canal Brush Tip*
9751001 Cone tip 30 mm
9751002 Coaxial Canal tip
9752020 AC Power Supply (AC100~240V), UK

*Coaxial canal brush tip is available – either as sterile single packed or included in your customised tray. 


Diathermy pencil with smoke evacuation

diathermy pencil and smoke evacuation system

Smoke from electrosurgical pencils is a health risk that OR staff are aware of and concerned about. A diathermy pencil with integrated smoke evacuation offers protection for your team by minimizing smoke in the OR.

Mölnlycke´s solution from SafeAir®* includes standard and extendable smoke evacuation pencils. Each pencil has an ergonomic slim design, for optimal comfort and control for the surgeon.

We can also offer standard disposable diathermia pencils and we have a solution for all different needs.


*SafeAir pencils are ONLY available in Scandinavia, UK, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. SafeAir is a trademark of SafeAir AG.

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Ref. No.* Description
2315013-00 Safeair®. Integrated smoke evacuation pencil w/ PTFE coated electrode
2315073-00 Safeair®. Integrated smoke evacuation pencil w/ stainless steel electrode

*Reference numbers for product in Mölnlycke trays.


Skin stapler

skin stapler

We can provide skin staplers from the two biggest suppliers – Teleflex® (Weck Visistat) and Medtronic®, available in both sizes wide (W) and regular (R).

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Ref. No* Description
2313730-00 Skin stapler Visistat wide 35W
2305644-00 Skin stapler Visistat regular 35R
2301476-00 Skin stapler Appose wide 35W
2304279-00 Skin stapler Appose regular 35R

*Reference numbers for product in Mölnlycke trays.

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Ref. No.* Description Size cm
2319916-00 Forceps Tissue Gillies toothed, colour coded green 15.5
2319952-00 Needle Holder Hegar, colour coded green 15
2319917-00 Scissor Dressing, str Sharp/Blunt, colour coded 14.5
2319923-00 Scissor Metzenbaum cvd, colour coded green 14.5
2317999-00 Forceps Mosquito Halstead, cvd SS 13

*Reference numbers for product in Mölnlycke trays.

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